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About DSIP

Delta sleep-inducing peptide was first discovered in 1974 by the Swiss Schoenenberger-Monnier group who isolated it from the cerebral venous blood of rabbits in an induced state of sleep. It was primarily believed to be involved in sleep regulation due to its apparent ability to induce slow-wave sleep in rabbits, but studies on the subject have been contradictory.

Delta-sleep-inducing peptide (DSIP)-like material has been found in human breast milk.

DSIP helps to reduce free radicals on tissues and organs, has antioxidant effects, which is often associated with an anti-aging potential of the drug. This DSIP peptide is believed to improve the skin condition, but not a proven fact; has an anabolic effect, it is easier to recover after bodybuilding.

The mechanism of action is complex – peptide inhibits the secretion of cortisol, and helps preserve muscle tissue, even in the presence of other factors that increase the level of stress. As a direct stimulator of muscle growth is not used; lowers blood pressure in hypertension; stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone that leads to higher levels of testosterone in men; helps maintain the health of the nervous system, to resist stress.
At the time, was announced as the only neuropeptide that allows you to overcome the effects of overtraining, but that’s not true; affects the quality of sleep, but does not cause sedation.

DSIP administration

DSIP can be given intramuscularly or subcutaneously, 1-3 hours before bedtime. The effective dosage of DSIP is between 200 – 750 mcg per injection.


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