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Multiple benefits exist for those who are utilizing this regenerative peptide. One of the most common benefits, and most common uses for this synthetic blend, is to promote and speed up the healing process. For athletes who want to lift more (heavier) frequently, or for those struggling from coming back from a sports injury, BPC 157 can help. Additionally, it helps to promote growth of new blood vessels. This works to help in the injury recoup, and also helps the body naturally heal itself, allowing athletes to get back in the gym faster.

Additional benefits for users of BPC 157 include

• Heal damaged joints and muscles for bodybuilding
• Speed up the recovery time allowing athletes to get back in the
gym faster
• Helps treat deficiencies of the amino acid compound
• Acceleration of bone healing
• Protection against intestinal damage
• Protecting gut health and functionality

Other benefits, outside of the healing process, are also noted for users of BPC 157 including

• Improved cognition and brain health
• Protecting dopamine neurons
• Enhancing the GABA system
• Reversing opioid tolerance levels
• Promoting heart health
• Helping protect against certain viruses and illnesses
• Help with ocular/vision dysfunction

Users will primarily benefit from the speedy recovery process. Whether you’re an athlete, a runner, or someone who’s been sidelined by pain for some time, the peptide blend can greatly help speed up the time you’ll be sidelined, and get you back on your feet quicker. For professional bodybuilders and those trying to develop muscle strength, this is going to allow you to lift heavier, and focus on a particular muscle group, without as much rest time in between gym sessions.


The primary user of BPC 157 is athletes. Professionals who want to workout harder and longer, want to increase the difficulty of their training, and want to focus on improving overall strength and efficiency, can do so by incorporating BPC 157 as part of their healing process. It is also useful for individuals who aren’t getting sufficient amino acids from their diet alone. As it contains a complex chain of 15 amino strands, it helps users who are deficient in these aminos, ingest greater quantities which they aren’t getting from diet alone.

The peptide blend is also utilized in peptide regenerative treatments. It promotes healing and regeneration of cells in the nervous system and muscles. Some health professionals might utilize it alongside other peptides or growth hormones, in treating deficiencies, or other ailments for some patients under their care.

As stated above, athletes who are training are the primary users of BPC 157. Some of the primary uses include

• General muscle repair
• Speedy recovery times between workouts
• Tendon repair promoting faster healing from an injury
• Tendon-to-bone healing
• Repairing damage caused by inflammatory bowel syndrome

It can also be used in offsetting the effects of some NSAIDs and can help treat inflammation caused by some injuries. For athletes, this is the holy grail in treating injuries and helping you get back to your training faster.

A doctor’s prescription is often required. Additionally, when used alongside other medications or peptide blends to help treating deficiencies, it is important to pay special attention to dosing instructions. This is to ensure you avoid overdosing, and to ensure proper balance and production of the amino chains within your system.


As is the case with other peptide blends, the results when using BPC 157 will vary for each person. For the most part, users will experience the effects within a few days if using it for speeding up the healing process. However, to experience the full effects and benefits, it will typically take anywhere from two to six weeks, before users will realize the optimal effects of BPC 157. For athletes and people who are considered healthy, the results and effects may be felt sooner than in others who are new to working out and a healthy lifestyle in general. External factors including overall health, age, other medications, and whether a person is deficient in other essential aminos, will also impact the rate at which the results are felt.


Before starting use of BPC 157, it’s important to understand the risks and side effects that might be linked with its use. Like other supplements, there are certain side effects that users should understand. Especially if you suffer from other health conditions, or are taking other medications, it’s best to speak to your doctor prior to starting a BPC 157 cycle.

Some of the common side effects users might experience include

• Redness, itching, irritation, or inflammation (at the site of
• Nausea or upset stomach
• Adverse reaction with other medication

Apart from these, no side effects have been reported by users. As long as the appropriate dosage is taken, and users discuss use with their doctor to ensure its safety, it appears that BPC 157 is safe for most people who want to reap the peptide blend’s benefits.


Based on the research conducted on BPC-157 thus far, a single dosage of 1-10 mcg per kg of body weight taken once daily is the best way to go. This brings the most systematic benefit for the body and translates to 200-800 mcg per day depending on the individual’s body weight. Most people who’ve taken it say they derive the most benefit when they take it in dosages of 250-350 mcg twice per day, which translates to 500-700 mcg per day in total.


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