HGH Somatropin GENOPHARM 10vilas * 10IU


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HGH Somatropin GENOPHARM 10vilas * 10IU

Genopharm Somatropin

Human growth hormone from the Israeli manufacturer GenoPharm is a godsend for those who want to gain high-quality muscle mass, dry out the body and tone the body and organism in the shortest possible time.

The drug is 100% analog of human growth hormone. You can buy it today at hgheuro.com with fast delivery anywhere in the world.

Basic properties:

  • Muscle mass gaining
  • Powerful fat burning properties
  • Fast recovery from injures and intense physical activity
  • Acceleration of metabolism
  • Sleep quality improvement
  • Strengthening of ligaments and joints
  • Anti-aging effect
  • Low price

As for athletes, the growth hormone Somatropin GenoPharm contributes to the formation of a beautiful relief, allows you to prepare for the competition in the shortest possible time and dry your body.

People who are not involved in sports use growth hormone for overall health, rejuvenation and body quality improvement.


The dosage first of all depends on the goals pursued.

The optimal dosage for athletes is 5 iu per day, however, to achieve a noticeable and high-quality result in the shortest possible time the dosage should be increased to 10 iu, which is especially important for bodybuilders and powerlifters.

To dry the body, it is enough to take 2-3 iu per day.

To achieve a noticeable and high-quality result, growth hormone should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach or during training, if there is no training — a couple of hours after lunch, when the blood sugar level is at a minimum.

As a rule, growth hormone shows the best results after 3-6 months of taking the drug.

The pack contains


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