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All you wanted to know about Testaplex S 100

What is Testaplex S 100?

Testaplex Suspension goes by the brand name Testaplex S 100 in the market. It is known to be an effective non-esterified testosterone derivative. This water-based steroid is likely to have so many benefits on its users.


This is regarded as a potent steroid that is used by many people out there. This drug is likely to promote potency and aggression in males. Compared with other steroids available in the market, a man is supposed to gain more muscle mass upon using this specific steroid very quickly. On the other hand, it is also believed to boost glycogen storage in the muscle tissue. This drug is likely to enhance vascularity, rigidity, and overall shape.

In most of the cases, Testosterone Suspension is taken for bulking purposes. This testosterone compound is mostly used in the power sports field. It happens to have very high androgenic and anabolic properties. This drug is supposed to become active after one hour of taking it.

Unlike other steroids, this drug does not right away mix into the bloodline. Upon entering the blood, it discharges fast and delivers high peak doses.

How to use it?

You are recommended to take this drug with a medical professional’s help in a clinic or hospital. It is to be primarily taken into the muscle. It is generally available for the adults. In some cases, it could be prescribed for the children by a professional doctor. In case you want to take this drug on your own, you need to know the ways and means of using it properly. If you are not confident, then visit a professional in this regard. Using it the wrong way will not be beneficial for you.


The dosage of this drug is supposed to vary following different users. A professional bodybuilder or athlete is recommended to take a dose of 50-100 mg once or twice every day. It is to be taken for several days without fail.

An individual is supposed to visit a professional doctor to know the right dose for them. Factors like age, endurance, medical history also determine the dosage of an individual. You should strictly abide by the instructions of your doctor in this regard.

Interactions with other drugs

It is of utmost importance for you to consult a doctor to find out whether this drug is likely to interact with another medication or not. You should also tell your doctor the names of medicine that you use. If you have diabetes, you should not take Testaplex S 100 as it is to interact with the treatment of diabetes. Other medications like propranolol, oxyphenbutazone will also interact with this drug. You should have proper knowledge of the drug interactions of it.


There are some precautions that you are supposed to take. First of all, while buying this drug, you must check the expiry date. You won’t get any benefits upon using an expired product. And you should consult a health professional before using this drug


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