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Andropen 450: Meeting the criteria of your power sports goals

The uses

Basically it is the combination of five testosterones synthetically produced.It is useful for testosterone replacement therapy and helps testosterone level which essential for sperm production, sex drive,functioning of the prostrate and reproductive structure.Moreover, Andropen 450 cuts down the excess body fat,enhances muscle mass,strength and physical endurance and as a result the strength sports persons can perform at an enhanced level.The ingredients causes the rate of metabolism to increase so fat will not be accumulated in your body. 


As already mentioned Andropen 450 being a testosterone compound has the anabolic factors on the higher side so it promotes muscle development It is an established fact that after attaining the age of fifty the testosterone level goes down and the sexual health is affected.This product can help in this regard.In spite of the fact that the anabolic effects being stronger in this product the organs are not strained.A specialist will generally suggest for a few blood tests to check overall body function before use. 

Doses and cycles

The  pattern of a typical cycle  resembles the structure of a pyramid. Initially in the case of Andropen 450 it is better to use a low dose of 250mg per week, in the later stage the dose is 500mg per week and at this stage no supplementary products are required to control the estrogen factors. Now you will find the specialist may suggest to use estrogen controlling products. Now you should consult a specialist regarding the dose and cycle because those will depend on your experience, body weight, power sports goals and the medical conditions.

The mode of functioning

It has been observed that Andropen 450enhances the cycle of cutting and the lean tissues are retained. As the lean tissues are retained rapid fat burning is aided. It was originally formulated to produce testosterone mixture consisting of different sized esters which will lead to instant and long lasting testosterone benefits. The presence of acetate esters released at a slower rate exhibits a rapid physiological response. Additionally, it needs a mention that testosterone has a general anabolic action which is reflected in an enhanced protein synthesis. Basically, this product enables the body to retain a sufficient amount of nitrogen. Under the effect of this product urea excretion is reduced and the body weight is affected.


You have to consult a specialist regarding the interactions concerning  Andropen 450 in general.It is better to stay away from alcohol during use.Medications concerning prostrate complications, diabetes and liver complications may interact.


In the case the testosterone level goes down then persons experience a depressive spell so this product is a mood elevator.Then the reproductive functions are in order and fuller sex drive can be experienced.Now this product enables the body to increase the production of red blood cells and in the process the the flow of oxygen is uniform in the blood stream.The end result is the increase of physical endurance so the strength sports persons can spend longer hours in the training schedules to improve their skills.Now nitrogen retention stimulates protein synthesis and the muscle tissues devolp rapidly by absorbing adequate protein.In the process the power sports persons can perform at an enhanced level.


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