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Sermorelin is mainly used for treating deficiencies in the production of the growth hormone in the pituitary gland. Another common use by many prescribing doctors, to patients, is for young children who aren’t growing at the normal rates. Sermorelin injections can help young children with development issues if prescribed early enough by their doctor.

Injections are meant to stimulate the pituitary gland, and over time, should help it to naturally produce the growth hormone at the appropriate levels. The dosage, and the duration for which your doctor will prescribe sermorelin injections, will vary from case to case. In some cases, doctors might also prescribe other therapies, prior to injecting sermorelin, in an effort to get the pituitary gland to naturally produce the growth hormone on its own.


The benefits of sermorelin injections are prominently to increase the production levels of GH in the pituitary gland. Individuals who are deficient in this growth hormone will naturally realize the production level increase. Additionally, some benefits might include:

• Improvements in energy levels
• Improvements in mood
• Increased libido levels for some users
• Increased bone density
• Better sleep patterns (fall and stay asleep at night)
• Help increase lean muscle mass production

It’s also beneficial in treating deficiencies. It can help young children who aren’t developing at the same rates as other children in their age group. It is also beneficial for adults who are deficient in GH levels to supplement with Sermorelin injections, to help treat that deficiency safely.


Primarily, doctors will prescribe sermorelin to adults. Individuals who are deficient in the production of growth hormones in their system, will often take this injection to help stimulate natural production. Sometimes, doctors will prescribe it, along with other injections, in treating deficiencies in other growth hormones. Human growth hormone production begins to dissipate in men and women once they hit the age of thirty. Oftentimes, these are the individuals who will seek advice from their doctor, to increase the production, of the GH, in the pituitary gland.

Children, although not as frequently, might also benefit from sermorelin injections if they aren’t developing at the normal rate. Doctors will oftentimes utilize other therapies or medication to help with development issues, but if no results are seen, sermorelin has proven beneficial in treating some common growth deficiencies in children.


There are some risks linked to the human growth hormone releasing hormone (HGRH), sermorelin. It is often prescribed for balancing deficiencies in the hormone that isn’t properly created by the pituitary gland; it is sometimes prescribed for young children who aren’t developing at optimal rates.

Some of the common side effects that users complain of include

• Dizziness and headaches
• Difficulties in swallowing
• Flushing, redness, pain, or swelling at the injection site
• Vomiting, nausea, and hives
• Change in taste of appetite

Tightness in the chest is sometimes complained of as well with some users. If it becomes difficult to breathe or if these risks continue, it is important to speak with your prescribing doctor about continuing the use of sermorelin injections.

Furthermore, if life threatening risks develop, or if you require immediate medical care, you should call emergency medical professionals immediately. They are best equipped to diagnose, treat, and get you to the appropriate hospital or doctor’s office, in order to ensure the risks do not become life threatening for users.

Individuals who suffer from thyroid conditions or are taking other medications and prescriptions should discuss this with their doctor prior to starting a dosage cycle of sermorelin. This is the only way it is safe to ensure it is safe to use and won’t adversely interact with other medications you are taking.


The injection should be administered once daily. It is best to inject sermorelin before bedtime. You should do so on an empty stomach. The subcutaneous injection can be administered anywhere on the body with higher levels of fat. The stomach or upper thigh, are often good places for the injection, as it won’t hurt as much as areas on the body with less fat.

Again, it is important to discuss with your doctor the appropriate conditions surrounding the injection and its use. But, for most users, injecting prior to bedtime allows the sermorelin to work its way through the bloodstream overnight, and will produce the best results in increasing deficiencies of the growth hormone over time.

In the event you forget to inject sermorelin, don’t wait too long afterwards to inject. As soon as you notice you have missed your injection time, it is best to inject so as to avoid the dosage.


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